Merchandising Team

The Merchandising Team is an elite team. They have loyalty, law-abiding consciousness, team spirit, sense of responsibility and pioneering spirit. The have the capability of foreign trade, business negotiation, correspondence processing, interpersonal communication, management and continuous learning. With good English skills, product knowledge, international marketing and trade practices knowledge,  foreign trade regulations, policies and etiquette knowledge, they are no doubt the flag of Jetlink on the international stage.

Designer Team

The sustainable development of Jetlink stems from a steady stream of design inspiration and continuous improvement of professional focus. We have a senior designing team who are with more than 10 years of extensive experience in design. They have dreams and passion, with their international perspectives, they focus diversification on the combination of modern design and Chinese traditional handicrafts. Their brilliant designs always catch our customers’ eyes. We also have a group of young and vigorous assistant designers with different art background. They are enthusiastic about the handicraft industry, with their expertise and diligence, they have designed many exquisite products and injected infinite vitality and vigor into the company.

QC Team

We have a highly efficient, high quality and professional QC team. They are from different regions, travelling around different factories every day. They are self-managing, self-governing, mutual inspiring and improving. With the piercing eyes, they are extreme strict in product quality. They have perfected the indomitable craftsman spirit. It is their anonymous work on the front line that has fulfilled the high quality of our products that cater to the high satisfaction of our customers.

Shanghai Jetlink Crafts, Inc.

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