Jetlink, a company formed by people who believe in “never compromise”.We love all the fine things, and cheer for the beauty. If you happen to be the same type of people, come and join us, together we can write a new story.

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Jetlink business is developing and expanding,
which requires a steady stream of outstanding talents.
If you are enthusiastic, responsible,
and interested in the arts and crafts industry,
welcome to join us. We will provide...

  • Clear Career Planning and Equal Promotion Opportunity

    We provide every employee with a platform for their development of career and realization of life values. Jetlink is responsible for all staff, helps them develop a career goal, which enable their potential to be extremized and life values to be maximized. While devoting their own wisdom, constantly growing and breaking through, they achieve personal material and spiritual harvest.We provide an open and equal promotion opportunity for every employee.

  • Perfect Welfare System

    We provide our staff with perfect welfare, aiming to create a comfortable working environment and a balance between work and life. These welfare include social insurance and housing fund, paid annual leave, annual travel, team building activities, birthday parties, snack and fruit welfare, festival welfare, Lunar New Year family-visit traveling expense, lunch allowance, staff apartment, etc.

  • Harmonious Working Environment

    We create a comfortable, nice and harmonious office environment for our staff.We have comfortable working places, good working order, easy working atmosphere, harmonious interpersonal relationships, trusting and tolerant leadership.In addition, in the leisure time, reading in the “Joy Reading Corner" can open your vision and let fly your soul. After lunch, you can have a walk in the back garden, stretch your body, listen to the cicadas, adjust your mood, and relax your mind.At the end of the day, you may go to the gym at the top floor of the company, sweat for the treadmill and table tennis, relax your body and mind.

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Shanghai Jetlink Crafts, Inc.

  • Building 22, Shanghai Headquarters Bay, No. 2500, Xiupu Road, Pudong, Shanghai, China
  • 86-21-6118-3770